WildWines183Wild Wines are uniquely delicious flower, fruit, and berry wines made from seasonally harvested flowers, fruits, and berries. Each wine variety is made in small quantities with only the freshest and finest ingredients available. All herbs are hand-picked and ethically harvested at the peak of their medicinal potency. Traditional methods and folk recipes are followed to ensure an authentic taste experience. No sulfites or preservatives are added.

Drinking wine is a centuries-old tradition. The medicinal effects of wines infused with or made from herbs and spices were widely known and often used to relieve pain and promote well-being. Aged from 1 to 2 years, our wines are fermented for dryness and can offer a delightfully unexpected way to experience your favorite fruits and berries.

Enjoying a glass of wine with friends remains a lively tradition today, and Wild Wines is proud to bring that tradition full-circle by offering traditionally brewed fruit and herbal wines of the finest quality.

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Our current varieties include:

Aronia Wine                  Lindenflower Wine
Blackberry Wine          Oregon Grape Wine
Blueberry Wine            Peach Wine
Dandelion Wine           Raspberry Wine
Elderberry Wine          Rosehip Wine
Elderflower Wine        Ginger Wine