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The bill is one of several under consideration in U.S
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U-verse is an awful product with awful customer support
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Executives almost never serve their full sentences in prisonin Brazil
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Central banks in Colombia and Chile have in recent meetingseyed raising rates to tame inflation fanned by their currencies'fall against the dollar
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It was also protection against harsh critics such as Cuban-American Sen
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A recent run of softer-than-expected U.S
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It's being billed as one of the largest events in the City of Brotherly Love in modern times and could attract up to a million and half people.
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I was unhappy and reminded him of Mike’s warning about the strong currents
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Like many others, the frequent hot-cold-hot trips inside and out have affected him.
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John and Jones, 31, are also charged with the April 6, 2011, murders of Jason Bostic and Aaron Formey in the basement of a Bed-Stuy apartment
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traffic control system also is being overhauled toreplaced outdated 1950s technology and improve airlineoperations
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Microsoftturned Halo into a multibillion-dollar franchise
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This showed that we had discovered a new way of generating sound from fluid flows
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"We wanted to create a place that acknowledges that whole experience."
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He’s been basically outlawed in Chicago, and we’re not going to let you circumvent Mayor Emanuel by going next door.”
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But he was used sparingly in the first seven games, gaining only 25 yards on eight carries and had eight punt returns for 76 yards.
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Late in the game, Wood was trying to stop the clock as time was running out so he threw one out of bounds, the equivalent of today’s spike
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The software began getting installed on laptops in August, according to a spokeswoman
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DeWitt also used the term “roguish behavior” last month in a news conference in which the team confirmed the investigation.
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I am sure that she is right when she describes the consequences of your actions as resulting in her feeling confused and lost
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"The Party's relentless high-pressure anti-graft effort has deterred officials from corruption
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Whitsitt Center on the Eastern Shore, one of the regions hit hardest by the surge in heroin use.
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regulators more than two months\nahead of schedule, letting the drugmaker proceed with one of its\nmost promising new blockbusters.
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“Concentration is an important skill that needs cultivation
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“I want to make sure our guys are fresh and keep our legs fresh,” he said.
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He’s basically willed his team to Game 6 of the Finals
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-For one of the rare times, the Warriors small line-up didn’t work when they gave away a 15-point lead in the second quarter
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There are steps we can and should take today that end diversion, reduce non-medical use of opioids and approach addiction like a treatable disease
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Clip-on sensors on their fingers pump a micro-electric current to track sweat
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In fact, the Clintons’ nonstick coating is so thick, they make the late Teflon Don look like he was covered in flypaper
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"This explains some everyday life experiences such as our sensitivity to our name in our sleep, or to the specific sound of our alarm clock, compared to equally loud but less relevant sounds."
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