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One thing I know about a front-runner, you get analyzed 15 different ways from China

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Its smart systems not only track vessels but analyse their movements

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When a cluster is no longer in use it can be turned off to avoid spending money needlessly.

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They're still a hard team to totally figure out, because they're like the Big 12 team that plays an FCS team and the two worst FBS opponents it can find and blows them all out to start the season

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"With the aging of the population, it is projected to affect 200 million people by the year 2020

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"If the Commission is to properly fulfil its duty to taxpayers we must see improvements in the way it collects, acts upon and publishes information

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Leaving aside the question of whether Mourinho would really maintain such a generous stance when it comes to the crunch this summer, it leaves the ball firmly in Wenger’s court

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At first, local Metropolitan Police officers were involved

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The body represents manufacturers of over-the-counter medicines, says that this can be the case even if products contain the same active ingredient.

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The dancers find means to point it up it within the choreography, whether it is a raised hand, a jokey hip-bump or a downed draught of beer

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Ebola-ravaged Liberia rose to 74th place in the CUI, up from 113th, Maplecroft said, while Guinea (25th) and Sierra Leone (58th) have also seen violent protests related to Ebola

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"Until we know what the company will do, the volatility will remain."

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The man, an Algerian national, reportedly was arrested after shooting himself by accident and calling for an ambulance.

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Cities are partnering with these anchor institutions to leverage and direct their spending power toward the city's small businesses and the local economy.

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"We must overcome the past," Ghani said

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New data from crater counts reveal the presence of intermediate, or “middle-aged,” terrains on Pluto, as well

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But unlike the rest of the West, Erdogan took sides in the sectarian politics of Syria

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Already, Shurat HaDin, an Israeli human rights group, has formally asked the ICC to investigate alleged war crimes committed by Palestinian leaders.

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There is also the case of the German Commissioner Guenther Oettinger - moving from the energy portfolio to digital economy and society

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