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But there are a number of possible reasons for staying closed, she says, including religious or ideological ones

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Banks also tend to insist on onerous and irksome covenants

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"However," he said, "it is ultimately up to the primary agency or organization whether or not they incorporate any recommended changes or additions

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Porzingis made three of five shots from the field, including a soft bank shot for his first basket with the Knicks

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"However, with the correct filtration, infrared film will reveal light between 750 and 1,000 nanometers

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For the very first time, people around the world will witness two giant robots in a battle, that is typically only seen in movies and TV shows

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For this reason, Help to Buy 2 could be particularly good for people who don't have parental help but are keen to get on the property ladder."

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“Having reached our goal of building a 52m business, we had one suitor in mind which shares our vision and values to enable us to accelerate our growth on a global scale

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Each year in Britain, starlings swirl in their hundreds and thousands, in shapes that defy mathematical description

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The bow ranks as the year's fifth biggest opening, but itfalls short of tracking that projected the picture would top$120 million in its initial weekend in theaters

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There’s a plan in place and we’re sticking by that plan

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The EU's competition authority, which is due to decide on the deal by Aug

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Aged 14, he was arrested by Nazi soldiers in World War Two and forced to work in a plane factory before being sent to Dachau concentration camp in southern Germany.

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Federal Trade Commission on these issues in early 2013 but European competition authorities brought formal charges against Google last week

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Doctors say most healthy people should be advised to exercise more and improve their diet rather than being offered the cholesterol-busting drugs to reduce their risk of heart attack or stroke.

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"I felt incredibly vulnerable during the crisis because I didn't have an education

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However, a barnstorming sterlingtrade from Santander UK last week has revived confidence in thesector

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state, where many streets and buildings bear his name.

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The dollar fell against a basket of currencies and prices for U.S

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Flappy Bird scrolled right to left as the player attempted to fly a gravity-challenged bird through gaps in a series of Mario-like pipes

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Their demand for a universal caliphate is completely unacceptable

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"If my father was to fail and die it would definitely put a hard hat of negative publicity on the Soviet Antarctic programme," says Vladislav.

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