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They went out for six years – throughout the whole of her time at university – until he confessed he was gay and had slept with other people

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Belgium's crisis center said the alert level would only change if a significant breakthrough warranted it.

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"The biggest thing is how he comes out of that game

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The Mama Africa show has now been performed in venues on five continents, including New York's Broadway

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The melodies add a cartoonishness that brings to mind OutKast.

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That's a clear and deliberate choice of audience

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There’s still something about these displays that captures the imagination.

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Nowitzki dropped in 25 points on 18 shots during Monday's win over the Knicks

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It hopes to purchase one that is now stationed near Orly Airport in Paris and charge 16 a ticket to visitors on the Thames as soon as 2017.

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It has a stowable hood that can also store a helmet

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He vomited, he was cold and we thought he was going to die

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Weighing in at just over 1.5 kilos, the drone can reach speeds of up to 70 kilometres an hour

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Usually, doctors remove veins from the legs and graft them onto the heart to bypass the clogged arteries.

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It also raises the risk of greater splits and miscommunication that could derail the rates liftoff.

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Harnessing the monsoon provided food security - and made the ruling elite fantastically rich

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More research is needed to find out what clinicians and patients themselves can do to manage depression

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Neighbors in the Minnesota apartment complained about the boy running around all the time

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According to research firm IHS Automotive, China's marketfor large sedans has overtaken the United States, with sales ofaround 4 million last year, topping the 3.6 million sold in theU.S

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Researchers have discovered a formerly undetected impact of space weather on the polar atmosphere, which may explain some previously unexplained variations in winter weather patterns

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"Three days out from our originally scheduled time."

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commercial lenders andasset management firms, a top official said, citing the twosegments as areas where the Tokyo-based bank still lacks scale.

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Marie, who wears the Burka, has been fronting her brothers' heavy metal band "Spectrus" since 2012

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The plant manufactured1.97 million engines and 135,232 cars last year, according tofigures published on its website.

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And there are new LED headlights

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The church will never have success in taking the stance that homosexuality is innate while still expecting emotional, romantic, and sexual celibacy from those that experience this orientation

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He called instead for a new generation of mini nuclear plants dotted around the country.

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It causes unnecessary and tragic consequences for those who try to keep these two parts of their identities integrated in their lives

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In the rest of Europe, a move into capex will be at least a couple of years away."

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It's come a long way, buoyed by the success of the LA Live entertainment complex that has grown up around Staples Center and the opening of restaurants, condos and hotels.