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"In general, we do want to try to keep everything as balanced as possible."
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Also, you have limited time to get your point across.
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People who are considering having sex should get regular gynecological or male genital examinations
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As soon as they met, Nabwana agreed to write a role for Hofmanis, who felt like he was 10 years old again
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Beijing tries to limit access to foreign news by restricting rebroadcasting and the use of satellite receivers, by jamming shortwave broadcasts, including those of the BBC, and by blocking websites
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A total of 9,787 incidents were reported by maternity services in 2014, 75 of which were extremely severe.
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NEW YORK, April 22 (Reuters) - Stocks in major markets edgedhigher on Wednesday as the latest batch of U.S
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Perhaps some remember a previous move away from London madeby several major hedge funds in 2009
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"Current (American) efforts are not adequate," according to the letter, signed by Michelle Flournoy, a former senior U.S
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As GM Brian Cashman said earlier this season, "I always liked Phil Hughes
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Starting with data in the early 1970s, Twenge and her colleagues found that adults 30 and older used to be happier than younger adults and teens
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He ran 4 yards for a first down on fourth-and-2 from the Notre Dame 28, and later found the speedy Fuller behind Maurice Canady.
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‘‘That might not be for him
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In Windows 10, Microsoft plans to look at how people are using the software, and figure out what kind of apps they might like
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In addition, genetic diversity was found to be stable.
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Rosneft agreed to buy the unit in December
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It no longer reports its "passive" debt from before thedefault, which economists estimate at $8 billion.
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He had none of anything we were saying
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So why are students allowed to openly assault women with impunity
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Therefore it stands to reason that numerous antimicrobials used to treat these infectious diseases are similar.
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The bond between the two countries was again to the fore in the new millennium when their leaders voiced strong opposition as the US-led campaign in Iraq began.
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” Allow all GET investors — regardless of when they bought their units — to withdraw from the program without incurring the 10 percent state penalty written into the GET contract
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Seen from the east, the city side, steel terraces and fire stairs spill down the building as if it were a training wall for mountaineers
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They also criticised the mob violence that followed, as angry Christian crowds threw stones, blocked roads and lynched two men they accused of being involved in the attack
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A strong toke started the day right