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Weighing in at just over 1.5 kilos, the drone can reach speeds of up to 70 kilometres an hour
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After spending $4 billion on stock buybacks in 2014's Q4, then another $750 million in buybacks in Q1, it was great to see another large buyback totaling $697 million for this quarter
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The Borneo rainforest is under pressure from palm oil plantations, and environmental campaigners have expressed misgivings over wholesale logging in the state of Sarawak.
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Hamtramck, Michigan is one of them.
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They are appointed to 14-yearterms, are not term-limited and can retire any time.
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It is clear that the Welsh Government’s response in Klingonese to the questions about UFOs was calculated to trivialize and ridicule
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As an FCO minister in November 2003 I had to deal with an Islamist attack on the British consulate in Istanbul in which 26 people, including a young woman diplomat from Manchester, were killed
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That is a true Indian woman for you.” Not only has she never spoken ill of him, she is said to have fasted and prayed for him to become prime minister
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Anthony scored eight of his 14 in the final nine minutes, including a 3-pointer after Porzingis’ first block of Harden and a layup with 39.7 seconds left after the second to make it 102-99
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But the IPO landscape has changed in recent months." said Brian Hamilton, chairman of research firm Sageworks.
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If it fails, Norway could sellits 0.3 percent stake, worth $73 million according to ThomsonReuters data.
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Members of the armed forces look at names on the Armed Forces Memorial during Armistice Day commemorations at the National Memorial Arboretum in Alrewas, central England , November 11, 2015
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And take after take they brought it, even when I killed one of the main walkers… he had to keep himself underwater for almost a minute after I killed him, cause he needs to appear truly dead
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The corporate and transaction banking operations will bebrought together in a Corporate & Investment Banking unit to beoverseen by current investment bank co-head Jeff Urwin
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Each round of any given battle presents you with choices on how to use your team’s special abilities, whether or not to focus attacks on a single enemy target and more
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If anybody can understand the pressure that will confront the youngster at the Garden, it’s Carmelo Anthony.
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In the latter part of this century we find the planet's temperature rise pushing not 2 degrees, as is the current internationally agreed maximum target, but 4, 5, even 6 degrees Celsius of warming
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He dislikes making cooking competitive and worries that we watch to see people lose
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"This is not Ferguson," the chief said, referring to the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man by a white officer a year ago in Ferguson, Missouri
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You can use glass paint, or you can add a Halloween-themed sticker and then paint around it before removing the sticker
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Schumacher said lawmakers should act independently with a focus on state policy rather than party ideology.
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Of course, with a butterfly net, I would tend to be a bit conspicuous, but I didn't flaunt it, shall we say." The other prisoners called him "The Prof".
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Avoid pushing business and stick to soft topics such as the weather, where others are from, the location of the meeting, etc.
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