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The impact of fluctuating foreign exchange rates can be hedged by savvy financial departments

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Moreover, Carmelo Anthony will be 31 next season and coming back from major knee surgery

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That hurt Morgan Stanley's shares, which were down $1.85, or 5,5%, to $32.10 in pre-market trading.Halliburton topped forecasts by three cents

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UNLV college football game on Friday, Aug

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It would be great to believe that Microsoft genuinely encourages and allows people to take time off from work to volunteer, with no negative repercussions.

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And that could help some shaky Democratic candidates for whom the president has been an albatross.

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Should the economy stumble, the Fed could postpone further rate increases.

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For older children between ages 15 to 19 years, cancers of the brain and nervous system will be most common, the researchers say.