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Given the many legislative chambers Republicans now control and the top-heavy GOP margins, this is almost certainly not going to change soon

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Party spokesman Elie Bennett said Netanyahu's landmark 2009 speech, in which he endorsed the idea of a Palestinian state alongside Israel, was "not relevant" in the "current realities."

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Clearly, we’ll build our first platform, but it's clear that there is room for consolidation

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Because they are not courts of law, the panels cannot legally prosecute or punish people

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A five-pound Scottish note is five pounds sterling

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10 to the highest levelssince mid-August

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Incumbant President Jonathan will face former military ruler Muhammadu Buhari in what is seen as the closest presidential race since the end of military rule in 1999.

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Less than a year ago, mobs beat Muslims to death in the streets, even decapitating and dismembering some

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Shadow minister Liz Kendall, summing up, says the coalition has been busy "wasting three years and 3bn of taxpayers' money"

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If anybody can understand the pressure that will confront the youngster at the Garden, it’s Carmelo Anthony.

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The day's gains were broad, with eight of the S&P 500's tenindustry sectors up on the day

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Cruz seems to understand the uncertainty around him

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In the latter part of this century we find the planet's temperature rise pushing not 2 degrees, as is the current internationally agreed maximum target, but 4, 5, even 6 degrees Celsius of warming

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Speaking to the media for the first time since then, he said he started seeing an acupuncturist after his first concussion on Nov

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