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He called instead for a new generation of mini nuclear plants dotted around the country.

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It causes unnecessary and tragic consequences for those who try to keep these two parts of their identities integrated in their lives

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In the rest of Europe, a move into capex will be at least a couple of years away."

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It's come a long way, buoyed by the success of the LA Live entertainment complex that has grown up around Staples Center and the opening of restaurants, condos and hotels.

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Republicans alleged that Clinton received an email containing the name of a secret CIA source in Libya

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Miller went five innings, giving up two runs, five hits and three walks

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Auto analysts say the company could face a bill as high as 35 billion euros ($38 billion) for fines, lawsuits and vehicle refits.

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President Nicolas Maduro blames the scarcities on an "economic war" waged by right-wing foes trying to topple his socialist government

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Sitting Labour MP Linda Riordan announced last month she was stepping down after 10 years because of ill health

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There was a wide display of emotion throughout the evening too

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Its neck and wrist seals prevent water from getting inside the jacket but it can also be opened up when conditions are warmer to prevent your body from overheating.

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She is the presumptive presidential nominee, the likely one, the inevitable one , the one before all others run in awe and panic.

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Blankenship, 65, faces a maximum $250,000 fine and up to a year in prison when he is sentenced in March.

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Reuters has not verified the report.

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- Jim Robo 17:39 - 17:54 How do we accelerate bringing savings to customers

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And, you will be doing your bit to help another endangered species - your local independent trader.

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He wasreferring to penalties incurred on offences such as the riggingon interest rate benchmarks like Libor.

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She says "they say they have a nice house, a husband, money, everything a 15-year-old would want." "It is all lies," Noora says angrily,

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It is known to Jews as the Temple Mount, site of the two biblical Jewish temples

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It’s OK, keep talking about it

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Why not update your work wear for summer and click (right) to buy Susanna's dress direct from Eden Row now Or shop our edit of similar pastel pinks below

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Peace has only come through separation by force: Nearly all of Bangui's Muslims have fled to the country's north or beyond to neighboring Cameroon and Chad after coming under brutal attacks

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They’re sung from the point of view of utter deprivation and need

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The word "dinosaur" is made from the combination of two Greek words, "deinos" which means terrible or fearfully great, and "saur" which means lizard

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