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McDonald was hit by 16 rounds, all from Van Dyke's weapon, the prosecutors added.

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He made 3s, muscled his way inside for baskets, and converted off the dribble in producing a dazzling second half that helped rally the Kings from a six-point halftime deficit.

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Sherman had started a rookie quarterback, Tom Kennedy, over Gary Wood

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The lawyer, unsure how to respond, gave his father Kennedy's concurring opinion.

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Upon reaching the fertile delta, they would have found a comfortable place to gather themselves before turning east for new frontiers.

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Jones loses too many duels, especially in the air when he doesn’t reach the ball at its highest points

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The move doesn't apply to employees of the franchisees who operate nearly 90% of the 14,350 U.S

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Police walked alongside many parade groups and helicopters hovered overhead amid enhanced security following the Nov

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"In addition, many corporations use money markets to park money that might be used to cover other payable obligations, quarterly funding of 401ks, normal bills and the like."

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The birth was announced by Clarence House on Twitter at about 11:00 BST, but also with the traditional bulletin on a gilded easel outside Buckingham Palace - a practice that dates to 1837

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Following a rush of issuance in the first quarter of theyear, the Additional Tier 1 market has been much quieter asvolatility deterred issuers

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Federer, still stuck at 17 major titles, had tried everything, thrown the kitchen sink at Djokovic, who now has 10 of these trophies

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Pineda will throw a side session Wednesday at the Stadium

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Once we get the new logo and uniform and colors it’ll be fantastic

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“We need a new front office

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Puig joins an elite cast of previous MLB: The Show cover […]

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If you work hard and do the right thing, and you're honest, you can always do what you want in the US.

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“He’s been outstanding.”

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