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But weather again will pose a challenge, with forecasters projecting a 30 percent chance of favorable conditions for a 5:10 p.m
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"While Europeans somehow manage to take a month of vacation, which is a rarity in our culture, a week or even a long weekend can help restore the spirit, reduce stress, and guard against burnout."
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Bush referred to the shooting that left 10 dead at the Oregon community college, including the gunman, while answering questions from South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson
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But Rosetta will have a front-row seat on the action
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“I thought he was outstanding,” Joe Girardi said of Warren
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He is by no means the only one telling whoppers, of course
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When the Tokyo markets soared in the 1970s and 1980s, suddenly the giants of Japanese finance started to dominate the markets and Japanese investors were buying up assets around the world
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Cubs reliever Pedro Strop might be back on the mound after enjoying the "day at the beach" that Joe Maddon promised
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“We want to give the management a new baby rather than asking them to revive a patient,” he said of the decision to dump the 99p Stores and Family Bargains names
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In practice, however, the hub pharmacy could be located anywhere in the country.
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The Israeli army said that though the circumstances are still unclear, they regret the incident.
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Here are some other famous Twitter handles owned by non-famous people.
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"I read the description and it said, ‘50 year old bitter has-been’," said Clooney
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This will vary by store of course, but in some casesyou can get generic items for considerably less without sacrificing quality
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Lavin was asked about the player’s future and said, “We’ve been in communication and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he doesn’t return to St
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David Hunter, an energy specialist at Schneider Electric, said companies were also "hurting from the milder winter." We are using less gas and power and this "kept a lid on profits," he said.
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More sly wit would have helped things come to a head.
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This, Dave, does not involve making unilateral demands of ISPs while the tabloids cheer you on.
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"I tried to get as many different kinds of hummingbirds as possible," Rico-Guevara told LiveScience
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What blows me away is that sometimes people forget that’s a real person under those costumes, and all that makeup
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—The government's ability to pay its bills expires around Oct
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He fought his fastball, but it was his breaking balls that seemed absolutely out of control as he bounced his slider in the dirt several times.
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But he, too, is convinced that fashion needs him
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Someone in that role wouldn't even need to be seen on camera
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It found that while the consumption of healthy foods has improved over the last 20 years, it has been outpaced by the consumption of unhealthy foods in most world regions.
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“We understood what the CIA was doing,” wrote Porter Goss, Pelosi’s chairman on the House committee
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If you are buying a rod and reel, it is important that everything balances
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Even with that desire, the 24-year-old righty, who was 11-11 with a 3.54 ERA in 32 starts last season, knows his name will be linked to potential trades as the Mets search for a shortstop
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